Blue House – updates from steering group meeting

Steering Group considers views of residents

The Blue House Roundabout Steering Group has now met 5 times, with the next meeting scheduled for Monday 12 December.

There are two proposals for the Blue House junction that are under consideration. These are available to view on the Blue House Roundabout Steering Group website (the first proposal is under “Meeting Four” and the second proposal is under “Meeting Five”).

Both the proposals are for a roundabout which is broadly in the same footprint as the current roundabout. One of the roundabouts has a higher capacity and involves the demolition of the Blue House, the second has a lower capacity and does not involve the demolition of the Blue House.

With both proposals there would be additional pathways for pedestrians/cyclists along the edge of the current moorland, and a pedestrian/cyclist crossing over Jesmond Dene Road just east of the roundabout.

There is also an “early stage” proposal for the revised junction layout along Jesmond Dene Road and its junctions with Osborne Road and Moorfield. This is available to view under “Meeting Five” section of the website.

Jesmond Dene Road existing movements kept

This proposal maintains all the traffic movements that are currently available (including right turn into Osborne Road).

The steering group is going to look at projected performance data for the two roundabouts at the next steering group meeting and will also look in more detail at the Jesmond Dene Road proposal.

Following that, it’s intended to call a meeting of High West Jesmond Residents Association early in the new year to discuss further.

If you have any comments on the proposals for Blue House Roundabout and Jesmond Dene Road then please send your feedback to us via the normal channels or via our Contact Us page.