Newcastle Allotment and Garden Fete 2018

Budding gardeners and green-fingered enthusiasts are invited to show off their gardening skills once again at the annual Newcastle Allotment and Garden Fete, organised by Newcastle City Council in partnership with the city’s Allotments Working Group (NAWG) .

There is a small charge of £3 per exhibitor and for this you can enter as many classes as you wish, children’s classes are free. Prize money will be awarded to the best exhibits on the day, so please feel free to enter prior to staging on Saturday 1st September (see attached schedule).

Staging day on Saturday 1  September

A fun filled weekend for family & friends, starting on Saturday 1st September through to Sunday 2nd September 11am – 5pm , including, live music, funfair rides, inflatable football, Active Newcastle, children’s crafts, Kirkley Hall Zoo, climbing wall, face painting , smoothie bike, raffles, stalls selling a wide range of flowers, produce and preserves, advice on bee keeping and organic gardening and much more, all taking place within the beautiful setting of Leazes Park, Newcastle’s oldest park, close to the city centre.

Keith Rogerson, chairman of the AWG, said: “There will be a full range of flower, vegetable and fruit classes, including the popular and prestigious 2 Pot Leeks Challenge Cup, plus produce classes for jams, chutneys and wine.”

Public show on Sunday 2 September

The public show starts at 11am on Sunday 2 September, when the main marquee will be officially opened by the Lord Mayor of Newcastle (Cllr David Down) and finishes at 5pm.

All entrants must stage their exhibits on Saturday 1st September between 10am – 4.30pm, ready for public viewing on the Sunday.

For more details, contact Newcastle Allotments Officer, Mark Todd, on 0191 278 7878.

The above news release was issued by Newcastle City Council and included on the Newcastle City Council website. It has been included here for information and does not necessarily represent the views of High West Jesmond Residents’ Association. 

Newcastle’s first female GP honoured

The first female GP in Newcastle who campaigned for children’s and women’s health has been commemorated when a plaque was unveiled in her memory.

Dr Ethel Williams, the first female GP in Newcastle upon Tyne, lived in Jesmond

Ethel Williams was also reputedly the first woman in the North East to drive her own car – and service it.

Jesmond resident

Williams (1863-1945) lived at 3 Osborne Terrace, Jesmond, where Lord Mayor of Newcastle Cllr David Down unveiled a plaque in her memory on Wednesday, July 18.

Among those at the unveiling were members of the Workers Educational Association which championed her case for a plaque.

Cabinet Member for Culture, Sport and Public Health, Cllr Kim McGuinness, said: “Newcastle is a city with a rich heritage and a history of striving for equality. Ethel Williams’ remarkable story is part of that.

“This year we celebrate 100 years since some women got the vote. Commemorating great women who played a part in making the city the great place it is today is part of that celebration and it’s fantastic to see Ethel Williams honoured.

“Our blue plaques are designed to draw attention to the great sons and daughters of Newcastle so future generations can learn about them and be inspired and to keep drive our great city forward.”

Plaque unveiled at 3 Osborne Terrace, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne – photo courtesy Newcastle University

Lord Mayor of Newcastle, Cllr David Down, said: “In many respects Ethel Williams was a woman ahead of her time. She vigorously campaigned for women to get the vote and as a GP did a huge amount to improve the health and well-being of women and children.”

Set up her own GP practice

Williams attended the London School of Medicine for Women and graduated in 1891, but had to gain her internship abroad in Paris and Vienna, as women could not train in British hospitals.

Such barriers, and her belief in the need to supplement medical care with social reform, led to her active involvement in the suffragette movement. Though never militant, she withheld her taxes in 1905 – a year before she set up her own GP practice.

She co-founded the Northern Women’s Hospital in 1917 and, when she retired in 1924, she left her practice to another female doctor, Dr Mona MacNaughton. By this time there were 14 female doctors practicing in Newcastle.

She died in 1948 and Ethel Williams’ Halls of Residence was opened in her memory in 1950 at Newcastle University.

Williams was an active member of the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies. A banner from the Mud March in which she took part is on display in the Ethel Williams Collection in Newcastle University’s Robinson Library.

She was also a member of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. In 1915 she was due to travel to a conference in The Hague but was prevented from doing so by the Government.

Williams went on to become a Justice of the Peace, a member of Newcastle Education Committee and co-founder of the Monkton Home for Mental Defectives, the Northern Women’s Hospital and the Medical Women’s Federation.


MP writes to Northern Gas Networks over extended closure of Killingworth Road

Catherine McKinnell, MP for Newcastle upon Tyne North has written a letter to Northern Gas Networks about the ongoing closure of Killingworth Road and the disruption caused to local residents and businsses.

The letter was addressed to Mark Horsley, the Chief Executive Officer of Northern Gas Networks.

Northern Gas Networks is responsible for the delivery of gas to 2.7 million homes and businesses in the North East, Northern Cumbria and much of Yorkshire.

Residents can read the letter which was published on Catherine McKinnell’s Twitter page    @CatMcKinnell

Holding reply from Northern Gas Networks

A response was made on Twitter by Northern Gas Networks  @NGNgas where they said: “We’ve seen your letter and we’ll have a direct response to you very soon.”

Killingworth Road extended closure until 2019

The work on Killingworth Road was originally planend to be completed in February 2018 but there was then a delay until June 2018.

It was then announced that Killingworth Road (the A189), an important business and commuter route, would continued to be closed until 2019 due to ongoing delays with the work.

You can read the MP’s letter below.



Annual Ward Priority Setting meeting

Residents are invited to attend a meeting with Dene & South Gosforth Ward councillors to help determine the priorities for the ward for the year ahead.

The meeting will take place on Tuesday 24 July 2018, 7pm at Trinity Christian Community Centre, Lartington Gardens, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 1SX.

The meeting is scheduled to finish at 8.30pm.

Trinity Christian Community Centre, Lartington Gardens, Gosforth

Topics for discussion

According to the agenda for the meeting (available on the Dene & South Gosforth Ward Committee meetings page of Newcastle City Council’s website), the meeting will feature:

  • an update from Northumbria Police – from A/Sgt 918 Wilson
  • an update from Graham Grant, Newcastle City Council on Transport Schemes including
  • Killingworth Road, Haddricks Mill roundabouts and Blue House roundabout
  • an update on community groups and community action across Dene & South Gosforth Ward (this will include both our local community groups – the High West Jesmond Residents’ Association and the Friends of the Valley and Little Dene – FOVALD)
  • ward finance including grant applications
  • agreement of priorities and action of Dene and South Gosforth Ward 2018/19

According to papers on Newcastle City Council’s website, Dene & South Gosforth ward has been allocated £3,565 to spend (amount is before decisions on grants currently under consideration).

Share your view with Council survey

The council has also set up a survey and invited residents to complete this – you can find this survey on the council-run Let’s talk Newcastle website on the Dene and South Gosforth Annual Ward Priorities Meeting page.

The following information has been issued by Newcastle City Council:

Membership of Dene and South Gosforth Ward Committee

Councillor Wendy Taylor, Councillor Karen Robinson and Councillor Henry

Watch the short YouTube video to find out more:

General Information on Ward Annual Priority Setting meetings

Each of the 26 Wards of the city will hold 1 annual targeted event to identify
ward priorities.

Annual events will be led by Ward Councillors in consultation with local
residents and stakeholders to share identified draft priorities and seek
validation and commitment for collaborative solutions with partners and the
community and voluntary sector.

Ward priorities will be agreed for the following 12 months and will inform
ward committee budget expenditure.

Annual events will focus on priorities for the ward and what we can do in
partnership, encouraging all stakeholders to be part of the response

Identified ward priorities will inform a work programme / action plan for the
ward and we will work directly with communities based on core themes of
active citizenship, building community capacity, behavioural change and
developing community partnerships.

Common themes will be considered where joint action plans can be
developed to avoid duplication and promote best practice.

Agenda for meeting

A copy of this agenda is available on the Newcastle City Council website on the Dene & South Gosforth Ward Committee meetings page.

Further information can be obtained from the Communities Officer:

Louise Cameron Tel:0191 277 1786 Email:

The above ward committee meeting details was issued by Newcastle City Council and included on the Newcastle City Council website. It has been included here for information and does not necessarily represent the views of High West Jesmond Residents’ Association. 


Great Exhibition of the North opens

The Great Exhibition of the North, a three month long celebration of the North of England’s pioneering spirit and impact opened on 22 June.

#GetNorth2018 is anticipated to be England’s biggest event in 2018, packed with amazing exhibits, live performances, displays of innovation, new artworks and magical experiences.

All set in the stunning cityscape of NewcastleGateshead as the stage for the whole of the North to demonstrate its talents.

Watch the #GetNorth 2018 video

About the Great Exhibition of the North

#GetNorth2018 plans to share with each other and the rest of the world just how ingenious, imaginative and inventive the people of the North of England are. The organisers see this as an opportunity to change perceptions of the North and to turn the page on a new chapter of the dramatic story of innovation.

The event will include immersive experiences, hands-on activities and family-friendly fun to provide new ways to discover how big ideas in the North made history and continue to drive the future.

This includes a celebration as the cradle of football, inventor of the railways, designer of the iPhone and home to the Beatles. There will also be an opportunity to explore what’s coming soon in everything from Hyperloop’s high-speed rail travel to the next generation gaming. As well as finding out how our big thinkers are shaping a sustainable future – in our homes, in our healthcare, in our transport and in our energy use and production.

The Exhibition aims to instil a whole new level of local pride. No matter how well you know the North already, the aim is that you’ll discover new reasons to be proud and positive about the future. More than three million people will hear our story, including visitors from across the UK and overseas, as well as virtual audiences.

When they leave, they will take with them a new understanding of the way our people have inspired the world for centuries and continue to do so today. They’ll see how our North is helping to drive the fourth industrial revolution – just like it did the first.

Get involved. Get art, design and innovation. Get North.

NewcastleGateshead is the stage for the North of England in 2018

In the spirit of the great exhibitions of the past, this will be a showcase of the outstanding and the extraordinary from across the North.

We’ll use NewcastleGateshead’s beautiful buildings and bustling businesses as our display cabinet, and our beloved bridges and elegant streets as our canvas. Thirty venues on either side of the River Tyne will be involved – from world-class music venues and museums to quirky offices and hidden workshops. Our unique outdoor spaces and iconic landmarks will become the backdrop to surprising encounters and experiences.

The celebration will spill out onto the streets and into the city’s lively bars, restaurants and cafe’s, creating an atmosphere of togetherness and shared ambition. This collaborative spirit is the fuel for the whole of our Exhibition. Hundreds of people from every corner of the North are now hard at work creating content and putting plans in place to make the event happen. Designers, engineers, artists, musicians, makers, community groups, businesses and universities – it’s a huge collective effort to bring all of these stories and voices to our stage.

There are three starting points to our Exhibition: Sage Gateshead, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art and the Great North Museum. These hubs are connected by three trails. Each hub will host its own programme of experiences and once you’ve explored this, you’ll step out across the city to discover any one of the three trails.

With most events, exhibits and activities taking place daily, plus additional one-off performances, you will have the opportunity to fill your entire summer schedule with new things to see and do around NewcastleGateshead.

Find out more at


Gosforth Central Park consultation until 2 July


Newcastle City Council arranged a public consultation event at Trinity Church Gosforth on Monday 18 June 2018 at 7pm to discuss the proposed plans for areas of Gosforth Central Park.

There was little advanced notice of the meeting, with publicity of it only appearing shortly beforehand – and the evening of the meeting clashed with the England v Tunisia football match.

However according to the City Council press release you can submit your views until 2 July 2018. Please see details below.

The following news release has been issued by Newcastle City Council:

“The joint consultation is between the City Council and Gosforth Central Park Tennis (GCPT), who are run by James Lloyd and Sean Damer. 

GCPT successfully submitted their initial ideas through an open “Expressions of Interest” in the summer of 2016 with this latest consultation feeding back to the local community their plans for the site.

The proposals look at the existing tennis and basketball courts, the former ladies bowling club green and The Bulman Club Community Association building. 

The City Council, GCPT and the Friends of Gosforth Central Park have been attending regular meetings to help develop a proposal that will benefit all users of the park.

Here are some examples of the proposal ideas:

  • Refurbishment of the existing tennis courts and basketball area
  • Provision of floodlights for the courts
  • Free access to the tennis courts and basketball areas to be retained (no membership fees)
  • Varied tennis coaching programme to be offered to the wider community
  • A potential events space on the former bowling green site
  • A proposed café in the Bulman Club Community Association building (monies from the café will be fed back into the project)

Sean Damer, Gosforth Central Park Tennis (GCPT), said: “We’ve taken on board the welcomed reactions and feedback from local people about our journey so far, and have developed a plan for Gosforth Central Park that will hopefully appeal to people of all ages.

“We’ve put together a public consultation which will give the local community a chance to ask some further questions and have another look at the plans. Our real hope is to try and build upon the passion people hold for Gosforth Central Park adding to its popularity and profile as a destination park in the city. We aim to help raise funds for the Friends of…and to provide an environment that everyone is happy with, giving people aspiration to spend more time in their local park.”

Cllr Kim McGuinness, cabinet member for culture, sport and public health at Newcastle City Council, said: “Gosforth Central Park is a well-loved green space that is used in a variety of different ways by local residents and visitors to Newcastle. Our parks are some of the city’s greatest community assets and we are always keen to see them being used in a positive way.

“We appreciate that something needs to be done to breathe new life back into the courts and the former bowling green at Gosforth Central Park, which is why we’re working closely with the team at Gosforth Central Park Tennis to help collate the ideas and feedback from the public about a park that is at the heart of the local community. The park requires investment through time, energy, ideas and funding, and we want to see this stunning green space thrive and prosper.

“It’s important that the proposals not only address the issues of health and well-being by providing resources that can benefit everyone but also utilises the beautiful park environment.”

The public event takes place at Trinity Church on Monday 18th June from 7pm, and for those people who are not able to attend the event, there will be information boards at Gosforth Library featuring the plans. These boards will be visible until Monday 2nd July, which is when the consultation will close.

The building containing the library is open Monday to Friday from 9am-4pm and on Saturday between 10am-2pm.

A special feedback email address has been set up for people to send through their thoughts

 The above news release was issued by Newcastle City Council and included on the Newcastle City Council website. It has been included here for information and does not necessarily represent the views of High West Jesmond Residents’ Association.