Communal bins – make your voice heard

Strong opposition to communal bin proposal

At a recent meeting ofthe High West Jesmond Residents’ Association, residents expressed their strong opposition to the council’s proposal to intoduce communal bins in to the back lanes of High West Jesmond.

The main reasons for this opposition were as follows:

  • Loss of control over perconal bin space for litter
  • Likely increase in fly tipping
  • Environmental blight in the back lanes
  • Cleanliness (nobody would be responsible for cleaning the bins)
  • Increased risk of intruders using the bins to break in to properties
  • Reduced access to properties from the rear lanes
  • Concem, especially from older residents, about having to go outside their
    house each time they want to put rubbish out.
Council says it will save money

The council’s stated rationale for introducing communal bins is cost saving – but from the infomation that we have been able to obtain we are led to believe that the actual cost savings would be minimal and the one-offcosts ofmaking the changes would outweigh the projected savings for some time.

It’s clear that residents of High West Jesmond do not want communal bins imposed upon them.

Make you voice heard

The final decision is likely to be taker at the council’s budget meeting on 1 March 2017 so it’s important to move quickly to make our feelings clearly heard.

If you want to express your opposition to the introduction of communal bins then please do the following:

Write or send an e-mail to Councilor Nick Kemp (who is the Newcastle City Council cabinet member responsible for communal bins) telling him of your strong opposition to the proposal for High West Jesmond and stating your reasons. His contact details are below:

Write or send an e-mail to Catherine McKinnell MP (our Newcastle North MP) telling her of your strong opposition to the proposal for High West Jesmond and stating your reasons. Her contact details are below:

Catherine McKinnell MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

High West Jesmond Residents’ Association will continue to support the huge majority of residents who have expressed opposition to this proposal, but it will be extremely helpful if individual residents also write directly to the councillor and our MP to demonstrate the strength of feeling on this issue.