Community volunteers enhance paths

Noticed an improvement to the edging of some of the paths in High West Jesmond?

It’s all down to the voluntary work of some of our residents – read on and find out how they have been ‘Lending a Hand’.

Hi – a short note to say thanks a lot for helping out this morning. We ended up with 11 on the day – a few more than I expected!

A group of local residents have got together to enhance the condition of some of the paths that run across our community.  There were 11 volunteers in total on the first morning.

The work was quite physical and “clarty” and  an hour and a half’s work was probably enough for everybody for the first morning. We completed approximately half the length of the Moorfield footpath running alongside the allotments. The plan is to complete the rest of it next Tuesday.

The ground was very wet this morning which probably slowed things down a bit (plus we were all on a learning curve!). The consequence was that the footpath was difficult to clean and the edge could do with some more straightening. So, if it remains fine this week, we’ll spend some time on Friday morning cleaning up a bit.

Photo above is after the work, and the photo below is what it looked like before we started.

Thanks very much everyone for your hard work and volunteering your time and thanks to Sarah for the great coffee which was much appreciated by the Lending a Hand team (otherwise known as the HWJ Enviro Team).