Council to replace 1,200 litter bins with 800 new ones

New litter bins for High West Jesmond

After a recent review of citywide litter bins, Newcastle City Council has announced a planned 13-week programme to replace existing bins.

The review was aimed at identifying ways of improving the current litter storage and collection service across the city.

Newcastle presently has just over 2,100 litter bins and the council review highlighted areas where bins were in disrepair, being under used by the public, or were too small to meet demand.

The change in litter bins will impact High west Jesmond with some bins being replaced with larger bins; some resited; and some potentially fully removed.

800 less litter bins

The amount of bins will be reduced to 800 but the the council says that total capacity for holding litter will only fall by approximately 450 litres as the new stock of bins will be bigger in size.  

The council review also identified that in some areas street bins were being misused by traders and householders, who were using them for business and residential purposes. The new bins will initially be emptied weekly but the volume of waste will be monitored on a regular basis.

The city council also delivers the ‘Keep it Clean’ campaign, which is aimed at encouraging behavioural change amongst people who litter, fly-tip and don’t pick up after their pets in Newcastle. 

Cllr Nick Kemp, Newcastle City Council cabinet member for Neighbourhoods and Regulatory Services, (pictured above) said: “The new bins will be an asset to the city as the council tries to tackle the litter problem throughout Newcastle. The positioning and locations have been specially chosen using the knowledge gathered from our dedicated collection team – who recognise the litter hotspot areas.

“The new scheme of robust and solid bins makes it a far more effective collection service. The new bins will be located in areas where the most litter is generated, and are larger than the previous street litter bins. All of the efficiency changes are in line with the council’s green city agenda. 

“The review was aimed at providing answers to questions that will help us deliver a better service for residents. This coupled with our continued enforcement campaign that looks to deter people from dropping litter in the first place, and penalise those people who don’t care about the community in which they live or visit.”

The old citywide bins, once removed, will be recycled and reused.

For further information about the council’s ‘Keep it Clean’ campaign, please visit​​​​​​​

Photograph from Newcastle City Council website.