East Gosforth Annual Ward meeting

A single meeting to consult with residents

Newcastle City Council has recently delivered leaflets to residents informing them of the East Gosforth Annual Ward meeting which will take place on Monday 10 July 2017 from 18:30 in St Nicholas’ Church Hall Annex, Wardle Street, NE3 1YT.

Items for discussion are to include:

  • Policing
  • Haddricks Mill
  • Nexus

Watch East Gosforth Cllr Dominic Raymont talk about the ward meeting in this short video.

 Membership of East Gosforth Ward Committee

Councillors H Gallagher, D Raymont and D Slesenger, teh councillors for East Gosforth ward form the committee.

General lnformation on Ward Annual Priority Setting meetings

The following information has been issued by Newcastle City Council:

  • Each ofthe 26 Wards ofthe city will hold 1 annual targeted event to identify
    ward priorities
  • Annual evenls will be led by Ward Councillors in consultation with local
    residents and stakeholders to share identifred draft priorities and seek
    validation and commitment for collaborative solutions with partners and the
    community and voluntary sector
  • Ward priorities will be agreed for the following 12 months and will inform ward
    committee budget expenditure
  • Annual events will focus on priorilies for the ward and what we can do in
    partnership, encouraging all stakeholders to be part of the response
  • ldentified ward priorities will inform a work programme / action plan for the
    ward and we will work directly with communities based on core themes of
    active citizenship, building community capacity, behavioural change and
    developing community partnerships
  • Common themes will be considered where joint action plans can be developed
    to avoid duplication and promote best practice.

Further information can be obtained from:
Beverley Ogle, Communities Officer beverley.ogle@newcastle.gov.uk