FOSGGS invite you to Meet the candidates

Friends of South Gosforth Green Space (FOSGGS) invite you to join them at their upcoming event.

Details of the FOSGGS event are below:

“The next local election is scheduled to take place on Thursday 3 May 2018. There are 26 wards in Newcastle, each represented by 3 councillors. Councillors are elected for a four year term and one councillor per ward retires each year; there are no elections in the fourth year. Due to the recent Local Government Boundary Review we have all out elections in Newcastle. The all out elections does mean that all 78 seats are up for re-election with electors voting for up to 3 candidates. The new ‘Dene and South Gosforth’ ward consists of parts of the former ‘East Gosforth’ and ‘Dene’ wards.

‘Friends of South Gosforth Green Space (FOSGGS)’ organise this meeting to bring together residents, community groups and candidates to get to know each other and learn about what is going on in the new combined ward.

As the FOSGGS group is non-political and inclusive all candidates on the ballot paper for the ward elections are invited to get to know the residents and community groups of the ward.

The format will be a combination of socialising/networking and an informal Q&A session.

Benefits of the Meeting:

– Residents and Community Groups get to know the candidates to inform themselves for the upcoming election

– The candidates (especially first time candidates) get a better understanding of opportunities, issues and concerns within the new ward

– Residents get an overview of which community groups are active in the ward

– Community groups get to know other community groups and explore areas to collaborate and learn from each other

Please register early for this event as there is limited seating (max. 70 participants).

Once registered we will collect questions and circulate to all participants before the meeting. We will also prepare name badges to facilitate the socialising and networking opportunities.”