About Friends of the Valley and Little Dene (FOVALD)

The Friends of the Valley and Little Dene (FOVALD) was established to manage, maintain and protect the open spaces in High West Jesmond known as The Valley and Little Dene.

Our vision

A local park that provides opportunities for local residents, including children, families, young and older people, to play, relax and socialise and also where the surrounding vegetation, including trees, shrubs and plants, and the stream, are managed and maintained to not only provide an attractive setting but also to encourage nature conservation and wildlife.

1915-2015 Celebrations of centenary of residents use of The Valley – High West Jesmond Newcastle

Our aims

Friends of the Valley and Little Dene (FOVALD) have the following aims:

To work with the City Council, local residents and users to ensure that the open space, known as the Valley & the Little Dene, including the surrounding trees, shrubs and plants, are managed and maintained with the objective of providing and encouraging:

(i) Good quality opportunities for local residents, including families, young & older children, to play, relax and socialise;

(ii) An attractive landscape setting;

(iii) Nature conservation and wildlife.

A fourth important purpose is:

(iv) To prevent the inappropriate development of the open spaces.

The FOVALD’s functions include:

(i) Preparing, and reviewing annually, a Management Plan with the City Council.

(ii) Removing litter

(iii) Encouraging users of the Valley and the Little Dene to comply with the City Council bye laws for public open spaces, particularly those relating to litter and those requiring dog owners to collect and dispose of dog faeces.

(iv) Undertaking landscaping and arboriculture tasks as agreed with the City Council and in accordance with the Management Plan.


Membership of FOVALD is open to anybody aged 16 and over who supports the purposes of FOVALD and who is either a resident of High West Jesmond or is a regular user of the space.

Only resident members will have full voting rights. People who wish to become members should apply to the Committee.

FOVALD Committee

Snowdrops – looking towards Lodore Road, High West Jesmond

You can read more about the FOVALD committee on the FOVALD Committee page.

Further information is available in our Annual Reports via the Downloads page.