Good discussion at residents’ meeting

HWJRA residents meeting was held at Trinity Church, Gosforth

There was a large attendance at last evening’s meeting of High West Jesmond Residents’ Association, this included two members of the City Council and a number of non-members who live outside High West Jesmond.

News and updates

All were eager to hear the latest news and updates. The Chairman, Nick Moore dealt in detail with matters relating to the Blue House Roundabout, Communal Bins, about which Councillor Dominic Raymont reported the latest from the City Council, and the recent incident involving the chopping down of trees without consultation.

There were many questions asked and answered in the lively discussion which took pace.

Nick Moore, Chairman of High West Jesmond Residents’ Association commented:

Thanks to everybody who came along – it was really useful to get your feedback on the various issues as this helps guide us in how to take things forward.”

Grateful thanks were expressed to the Chairman for the time he has devoted to the HWJRA.

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