About High West Jesmond Residents’ Association

High West Jesmond Residents’ Association (HWJRA) was established to support the residents of the local area.

HWJRA aims

The aims of the Association are:

  1. To promote the benefit of the inhabitants of High West Jesmond by working to maintain and improve the quality of life, preserve the character of the area and ensure that development does not adversely affect the local environment; and
  2. To assist residents in exercising their rights as members of the community including empowering them in dealing with statutory and other relevant authorities whether as individuals or as members of the Association.


Full membership of HWJRA is open to anyone aged 18 and over living in the area of benefit who wishes to support the aims. Every full member has one vote at general meetings.

Junior membership is open to anyone under the age of 18 living in the area of benefit and wishes to support the aims. Junior members do not have a vote at general meetings but their views on any issue will be sought and taken into account of.

Area covered

The area of benefit covered by HWJRA was originally defined as the Newcastle upon Tyne polling district GBC which was a known area at the time, according to ward records held by Newcastle City Council. As polling areas and ward boundaries evolve over time, polling district GBC has ceased to exist but the original streets in district GBC are set out below.

This area comprises (in alphabetical order):

Albemarle Avenue, Albury Road, Beattie Avenue, Castles Farm Road (small section), Cromer Gardens, Davidson Cottages, Hillcrest Gardens, Honister Avenue, Ilford Road, Jesmond Dene Road, Keyes Gardens, Kingswood Avenue, Lodore Road and Little Dene (including Little Dene flats), Matthew Bank and Craghall, Moorfield, Newlands Road, Sturdee Gardens, Treherne Road, Willowbank Gardens, Woodthorne Road.

Working with Admirals 5

The eastern side of High West Jesmond (bounded by Beatty Avenue and Matthew Bank) is also served by the Admirals 5 Residents’ Association which was established after HWJRA was created. HWJRA has been working alongside Admirals 5 on issues of joint interest.

HWJRA Committee

You can read more about the HWJRA committee on the HWJRA Committee page.