More pathways cleared – the Lending a Hand group

High West Jesmond residents enhance community footpaths

With street cleaning services being yet another service under pressure as a result of “austerity”, local residents have stepped into the breach!

For the last 3 months a group of High West Jesmond residents have cleaned and edged the Moorfield footpath that runs alongside the allotments & the Little Moor, the footpath across the Little Moor from Moorfield to the Great North Road and has started on the paths that cross the triangle of open space next to Little Dene flats.

The difference is quite startling – few of the paths had been edged for at least 10-15 years.

50 barrowloads removed

The group has removed over 50 barrowloads of crushed leaves, soil and grass edgings! All this material has been recycled within the Little Moor Allotments site. We are also exploring the possibility of “adopting” some of the shrub beds & borders on the Triangle.

Meet the Lending a Hand group

The group is called “Lending a Hand”. There are 12 of us – all High West Jesmond residents (bar 1!) and very friendly! We meet on Tuesday mornings at 09:30 and work ‘til approx 12:00.

We have been using equipment borrowed from the Allotment Association and from the Friends of Gosforth Central Park.

So if you would like to help just come along (we’ll be working on the Triangle for the next 3-4 Tuesdays) you would be very welcome. Contact us through the normal channels our via the Contact Us page.