New Moorfield litter bin covers half of footpath

High West Jesmond has some new bins – some in strange locations

We thought you would find this picture of interest – it’s the new litter bin on Moorfield, High West Jesmond.  Newcastle City Council is currently replacing 1,200 litter bins across the city with 800 new bins.

The new bins are larger in size and some of them have been strangely situated – including this one.

The bin covers half of the path along the side of the allotments on Moorfield – the very same path where volunteers from High West Jesmond’s Lending a Hand group had cleared overgrown grass and edged the path earlier in the year so that the pathways were back to their normal width and thus available for all users.

High West Jesmond Residents’ Association was not consulted by Newcastle City Council about the proposed location of the new litter bins – they have just appeared in recent weeks.