New Chairman for HWJRA

Residents committee strengthened

Congratulations to Nick Moore who was elected the new Chairman of High West Jesmond Residents’ Association (HWJRA) at the AGM last Wednesday.

I am filling the Secretarial and Treasurer roles and Jeffrey Fox is our newly appointed Communications Officer. I am also pleased to report that a further 4 committee members were elected on the night.

Membership is also strengthening following the various leaflet drops around the area.

Bob Curry is stepping down from the committee after many years as both Chairman and committee member and we thank him for his valued contribution.

Fiona Bruce

Want to be informed about Blue House Roundabout plans?

High West Jesmond resident? Then join us!

Do you want to be kept informed about what is happening with the Blue House Roundabout and Jesmond Dene Road?

Following the Council’s withdrawal of their initial plans for both the Blue House Roundabout and junctions with Jesmond Dene Road, a steering group has been set up to work with the Council on development of new plans.

Although the initial plans have been withdrawn it is important to note that the Council still intends to make changes and so keeping informed about this will be very important for all of us who live near to and use these road junctions.

High West Jesmond Residents’ Association has a seat on the steering group and we would like to keep in touch with as many residents as possible so that you can tell us your views and we can feed back to you any relevant information from the steering group.

In order to be kept informed you simply need to join the High West Jesmond Residents’ Association – there is no charge and all we need is your name, address and e-mail address (if you have one).

If you’d like to join us and be kept informed then please either:

Email your name, address and e-mail address to Jeffrey Fox at or

Post your name, address and e-mail address, if you have one, to Jeffrey Fox at
21 Moorfield, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 3NJ

It really is as simple as that. Please join us by providing your contact details and we will do our utmost to keep you informed about what is happening. Please also talk to your neighbours to encourage them to do the same.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, temporary resident or permanent resident – we’d like to keep you informed.

If you have already contacted us, then there is nothing more to do – you will be hearing from us shortly.

Council backs down due to overwhelming opposition to Blue House Roundabout plans

Blue House Roundabout plans to be redesigned

A short video has been issued by Newcastle City Council cabinet member for Investment and Development Cllr Ged Bell where he explains that the council has pulled its controversial plans to build a large motorway style roundabout to replace the existing Blue House Roundabout in High West Jesmond.

 High West Jesmond Residents’ Association welcomes the news that the couincil has withdrawn its plans which was overwhelmingly opposed by High West Jesmond residents.

Residents, commuters and other local stakeholders were strongly opposed the building on the Town Moor and did not feel that the proposals had been sufficiently well thought through before they were originally published.

Residents unite to oppose Blue House Roundabout plans

Complete opposition from all sides to council plans

Today residents’ associations in High West Jesmond, Jesmond and Admirals 5 (Matthew Bank) held a meeting and agreed to unite in their complete opposition to the proposed plans put forward by Newcastle City Council for revised road layouts and junctions around Blue House Roundabout and Jesmond Dene Road.

99% of respondents all all 3 MPs opposed

Residents, businesses, motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, environmental organisations, local and national road traffic organisations, 99% of all respondents on the council’s own consultation website, all 3 local MP’s and the majority of local ward councillors are all unanimous in their rejection of the proposed plans for Blue House Roundabout/Jesmond Dene Road.

Council must now listen

The feedback has been of a high quality, constructive and very clear. The council must now listen to this feedback.

We therefore call on the council to:

  1. immediately shelve their plans for Blue House roundabout/Jesmond Dene Road;
  2. scrap their plans for a revised proposal to be presented in mid- September as this simply will not allow enough time for feedback to be properly evaluated; and
  3. restart the whole process, engaging in proper, meaningful consultation with local residents, businesses and interest groups to ensure that the needs and wishes of all local stakeholders are properly taken into account before any future proposal is put forward for consideration.

Thousands protest over Town Moor roundabout plans

Almost 2,000 residents attended march to oppose Blue House Roundabout plans

The weekend march for the Town Moor received front page coverage in the Newcastle Journal today (and you can read the article on ChronicleLive) following the overwhelming show of opposition by the local community to the council road building plans for Blue House Roundabout and Jesmond Dene Road.

This follows coverage on Sunday’s BBC Look North evening news programme on BBCOne with local news coverage on ITV Tyne Tees News as well.

Nick Moore, of the High West Jesmond Residents’ Association, said:

“We are delighted to see such a cross section of people come out and show support for this campaign.

“The council have no option but to scrap this plan, they need a complete rethink.”

Facebook group set up

High West Jesmond Residents’ Association on Facebook

Today we welcome you to our new HWJRA Facebook page.

HWJ is currently under threat from development plans announced by the council for Blue House Roundabout and Jesmond Dene Road.

The public show of “NO” at the march for the moor on Sunday was overwhelming and thanks to residents for turning up.

The public consultation is shortly closing and this is when we need to keep the pressure on.

Please recommend this Facebook group to friends and neighbours living in the High West Jesmond area so that we can keep in easy contact.

We will still leaflet the area but our voice can be heard and shared much quicker by using social media.

Our social media links

Join us on Facebook: HWJRA

Follow us on Twitter: @highwestjesmond

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