High West Jesmond’s heritage

We have included a number of posts on this website regarding the heritage of High West Jesmond, including memories and photographs from some of our current and former residents.

You can see these items by selecting Heritage from the Categories side bar on the News pages.

If you have any old photographs and memories relating to High West Jesmond we would love to heard from you! Please contact us via the Contact page.

Heritage posts by Chris Morgan

We are grateful to Chris Morgan for allowing us to include some of his photographs and memories on this website. You can read them by selecting Heritage from the Categories side bar on this webpage and we include some quick links to a selection of those  posts below.

2017 – history of the Little Moor paths

Front garden in Kingswood Avenue

1967 – A back lane in High West Jesmond

1967 – Moorfield, Newcastle 50 years ago

1964 – Manure delivery on Moorfield

1964 – Paviers at work on Kingswood Avenue

1964 – Music with Movement on Moorfield

1964 – The original Little Dene house on Lodore Road

1964 – Embankment fires between Ilford Road and Albury Road

1964 – The Great North Road looking south from Moorfield

1962 – The Valley and Little Dene, or Blackies Valley, Newcastle being filled in

1950 – Kingswood Avenue