A new website for High West Jesmond

Welcome to High West Jesmond!

Today we are launching our new High West Jesmond website, which aims to bring together information on several different community groups plus local information and news for residents living in High West Jesmond and for those with a connection to High West Jesmond.

A thriving urban community

Many of you will already know that High West Jesmond is a thriving urban community in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne.  We are well situated between Jesmond and Gosforth – and between the Town Moor and Jesmond Dene.

Our great situation means that our residents engage easily with the wider city and its wonderful hinterland.

Community groups

You may have noticed on our home page that we have featured on 4 aspects of High West Jesmond and this website contains some information on the following groups:

High West Jesmond Residents’ Association (HWJRA)

HWJRA was established to support the residents of the local area: to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of High West Jesmond by working to maintain and improve the quality of life, preserve the character of the area and ensure that development does not adversely affect the local environment; and to assist residents in exercising their rights as members of the community including empowering them in dealing with statutory and other relevant authorities.

Blue House Roundabout

We represented High West Jesmond residents in their opposition to the original plans to build a ‘motorway style’ Blue House Roundabout on the green land of the Town Moor in 2016 and we have been actively representing residents views as a core member of the Blue House Roundabout Working Group since this was established in autumn 2016.

Communal bins

We have also been representing residents views on the proposal to introduce communal bins into High West Jesmond.  It is fair to say that this proposal has not been popular – in fact 95% of High West Jesmond residents voted AGAINST communal bins in a recent poll.

Streets for People

We are also involved with work that the council has initiated for streets for people as Jesmond is one of three areas of Newcastle where this project is to operate.

We aim to continue to represent and support our community.

Friends of the Valley and Little Dene (FOVALD)

FOVALD was established to manage, maintain and protect the open spaces in High West Jesmond known as The Valley and Little Dene.

FOVALD has a vision for a local park that provides opportunities for local residents, including children, families, young and older people, to play, relax and socialise and also where the surrounding vegetation, including trees, shrubs and plants, and the stream, are managed and maintained to not only provide an attractive setting but also to encourage nature conservation and wildlife.

Lending a Hand to maintain our green spaces

In addition members of our community have been Lending a Hand to maintain the green spaces in High West Jesmond – a group of volunteers now meet every week and have made a real difference to the quality of live in our community. FOVALD oversees this work and we are grateful to the volunteers for their time and hard work.  You can read more about the work of Lending a Hand on this website.


High West Jesmond has three seperate allotment sites at:

  • Little Moor Allotments
  • Triangle Allotments
  • High West Jesmond Allotments

Our allotments are an inegral part of our community and we aim to add further information on them in the coming weeks.


If you operate a business in or from High West Jesmond and you are interested in being featured on our businesses page then please get in touch with us.

Whether you operate from one of the retail outlets across High West Jesmond or your business is run from your High West Jesmond home this is your opportunity to reach your local community and set out the products or services that your provide.


We will update information on our standing pages from time to time, but the best place to find out the latest information is via our News pages.


We have included a number of posts on this website regarding the heritage of High West Jesmond, including memories and photographs from some of our current and former residents.

You can see these items by selecting Heritage from the Categories side bar on this webpage.

If you have any old photographs and memories relating to High West Jesmond we would love to heard from you! Please contact us via the Contact page.

New digital communications

As part of the work to create this website we have reloaded a good number of ‘back stories’ – these are things that did happen and communications and news that was circulated around our community over the past year. You can see these on our News pages.

In the past as we did not have a website to anchor our content on at the time our earlier communications were by:

  • hard copy newsletters/leaflets through the door;
  • by email for those who had signed up to distribution lists; and
  • via the community noticeboard outside the shops on Newlands Road.

This website now provides a further digital platform to share information with High West Jesmond residents and those with a connection to our community.

In addition you can follow us on our social media accounts.

Our social media accounts


In addition High West Jesmond Residents’ Association (HWJRA) has a Facebook group – if you are a High West Jesmond resident you are welcome to join us at the following link – www.facebook.com/groups/HWJRA/


You can also follow us on Twitter – if you are a Twitter user then our handle is @highwestjesmond and you can read our tweets on a computer at the following link – https://twitter.com/highwestjesmond


We are on Instagram too – and we would love you to share your photographs of High West Jesmond with us!  if you are an Instagram user then our handle is @highwestjesmond and you can read our tweets on a computer at the following link – www.instagram.com/highwestjesmond/

Thanks for visting our website

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you  found it useful finding out more about our High West Jesmond community in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne.


Centenary of Newcastle Allotments

1917 – 2017 – a hundred years of allotments in Newcastle

Newcastle upon Tyne will be celebrating a centenary of allotments with  special events on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September 2017.

The Newcastle Allotment and Garden Fete 2017 will take place in Leazes Park celebrating 100 years of allotment growing 1917 – 2017

A weekend for friends and family, with market stalls, fresh produce, honey bee demonstrations, garden advice, family fun fair, children’s crafts and activities.

Saturday 23 September – staging

Staging will take place on Saturday 23 September between 10am – 4.30pm when exhibitors only will be allowed in the main marquee.

Sunday 24 September – open day

Following staging there will be an open day for members of the public on Sunday 24 September 11am -4pm.

Activities will, include family entertainment, children’s activities, music, face painting, a climbing wall and more, all taking place within the beautiful setting of Leazes Park, Newcastle’s oldest park, close to the city centre.


You can find out more details and enter the competitions – details are part of the Newcastle Allotments website.

High West Jesmond’s 3 allotments

High West Jesmond has three seperate allotment sites. You can find out their location and learn a little bit more following the link below:

  • Little Moor Allotments
  • Triangle Allotments
  • High West Jesmond Allotments

You can find more details about each of the allotments on our Allotments page within this website.


New Moorfield litter bin covers half of footpath

High West Jesmond has some new bins – some in strange locations

We thought you would find this picture of interest – it’s the new litter bin on Moorfield, High West Jesmond.  Newcastle City Council is currently replacing 1,200 litter bins across the city with 800 new bins.

The new bins are larger in size and some of them have been strangely situated – including this one.

The bin covers half of the path along the side of the allotments on Moorfield – the very same path where volunteers from High West Jesmond’s Lending a Hand group had cleared overgrown grass and edged the path earlier in the year so that the pathways were back to their normal width and thus available for all users.

High West Jesmond Residents’ Association was not consulted by Newcastle City Council about the proposed location of the new litter bins – they have just appeared in recent weeks.

More pathways cleared – the Lending a Hand group

High West Jesmond residents enhance community footpaths

With street cleaning services being yet another service under pressure as a result of “austerity”, local residents have stepped into the breach!

For the last 3 months a group of High West Jesmond residents have cleaned and edged the Moorfield footpath that runs alongside the allotments & the Little Moor, the footpath across the Little Moor from Moorfield to the Great North Road and has started on the paths that cross the triangle of open space next to Little Dene flats.

The difference is quite startling – few of the paths had been edged for at least 10-15 years.

50 barrowloads removed

The group has removed over 50 barrowloads of crushed leaves, soil and grass edgings! All this material has been recycled within the Little Moor Allotments site. We are also exploring the possibility of “adopting” some of the shrub beds & borders on the Triangle.

Meet the Lending a Hand group

The group is called “Lending a Hand”. There are 12 of us – all High West Jesmond residents (bar 1!) and very friendly! We meet on Tuesday mornings at 09:30 and work ‘til approx 12:00.

We have been using equipment borrowed from the Allotment Association and from the Friends of Gosforth Central Park.

So if you would like to help just come along (we’ll be working on the Triangle for the next 3-4 Tuesdays) you would be very welcome. Contact us through the normal channels our via the Contact Us page.

Moorfield trees mysteriously chopped down

Trees on allotments felled

Three beautiful trees that have stood alongside the fence next to Moorfield just inside the allotments were mysteriosly felled yesterday.

The trees have stood there for decades and there was no consultation with local residents and other members of the High West Jesmond community who have appreciated the trees.

“Tidying up”

Local residents have noted that there is no justifyable reason for their removal and have been told by the council’s Allotments Officer that he “was tidying up the allotments“.

Look at theses photographs before and after and judge for yourself.

Please protest and make your voice heard and join us in making sure no more vandalism like this takes place in our community.