2017 – history of the Little Moor paths

Maintenance of Little Moor paths by resident volunteers.

FOVALD’s Lending a Hand group recently undertook maintenance work on the paths across Little Moor which you can read about elsewhere on this website.

Here is some history of those Little Moor paths from Chris Morgan

This is the older of the two paths across the Little Moor, possibly constructed about the time the estate was being laid out around 1900-10.

Until at least the 1970s there was a dark blue vitreous enamel sign facing town beside the gate at the Great North Road end to announce arrival at High West Jesmond.

In those days Moorfield did not run through to the Great North Road beyond the Lodore Road junction. There used to be cows on the Little Moor so gates were essential.

The trees planted alongside the paths were probably planted about the 1920/30s when the second, longer, path was constructed. Most of them haven’t survived!

New Moorfield litter bin covers half of footpath

High West Jesmond has some new bins – some in strange locations

We thought you would find this picture of interest – it’s the new litter bin on Moorfield, High West Jesmond.  Newcastle City Council is currently replacing 1,200 litter bins across the city with 800 new bins.

The new bins are larger in size and some of them have been strangely situated – including this one.

The bin covers half of the path along the side of the allotments on Moorfield – the very same path where volunteers from High West Jesmond’s Lending a Hand group had cleared overgrown grass and edged the path earlier in the year so that the pathways were back to their normal width and thus available for all users.

High West Jesmond Residents’ Association was not consulted by Newcastle City Council about the proposed location of the new litter bins – they have just appeared in recent weeks.

More pathways cleared – the Lending a Hand group

High West Jesmond residents enhance community footpaths

With street cleaning services being yet another service under pressure as a result of “austerity”, local residents have stepped into the breach!

For the last 3 months a group of High West Jesmond residents have cleaned and edged the Moorfield footpath that runs alongside the allotments & the Little Moor, the footpath across the Little Moor from Moorfield to the Great North Road and has started on the paths that cross the triangle of open space next to Little Dene flats.

The difference is quite startling – few of the paths had been edged for at least 10-15 years.

50 barrowloads removed

The group has removed over 50 barrowloads of crushed leaves, soil and grass edgings! All this material has been recycled within the Little Moor Allotments site. We are also exploring the possibility of “adopting” some of the shrub beds & borders on the Triangle.

Meet the Lending a Hand group

The group is called “Lending a Hand”. There are 12 of us – all High West Jesmond residents (bar 1!) and very friendly! We meet on Tuesday mornings at 09:30 and work ‘til approx 12:00.

We have been using equipment borrowed from the Allotment Association and from the Friends of Gosforth Central Park.

So if you would like to help just come along (we’ll be working on the Triangle for the next 3-4 Tuesdays) you would be very welcome. Contact us through the normal channels our via the Contact Us page.

Community work enhances Little Moor paths

Volunteers continue work to maintain pathways

Thanks to volunteers from High West Jesmond residents the enhancements to some of the paths in our community are quite startling!

Parts of the tarmac path on the Little Moor that probably hadn’t seen daylight for 20 years was exposed from the community work this morning. We completed the section from Moorfield up to the junction with the main Little Moor footpath-cycleway. We’ll start the section across to the Great North Road next.

Interested in helping out – please join us!

The next session is at 0930 on Tuesday 11 April, meeting on the Little Moor path.  If there are any more residents or FOVALD (Friends of teh Valley and Little Dene) supporters who would like to lend a hand, then please come along and grab a brush, spade, shovel or wheelbarrow. It’s good fun, good exercise and makes a significant contribution to the appearance of our community.

Community volunteers enhance paths

Noticed an improvement to the edging of some of the paths in High West Jesmond?

It’s all down to the voluntary work of some of our residents – read on and find out how they have been ‘Lending a Hand’.

Hi – a short note to say thanks a lot for helping out this morning. We ended up with 11 on the day – a few more than I expected!

A group of local residents have got together to enhance the condition of some of the paths that run across our community.  There were 11 volunteers in total on the first morning.

The work was quite physical and “clarty” and  an hour and a half’s work was probably enough for everybody for the first morning. We completed approximately half the length of the Moorfield footpath running alongside the allotments. The plan is to complete the rest of it next Tuesday.

The ground was very wet this morning which probably slowed things down a bit (plus we were all on a learning curve!). The consequence was that the footpath was difficult to clean and the edge could do with some more straightening. So, if it remains fine this week, we’ll spend some time on Friday morning cleaning up a bit.

Photo above is after the work, and the photo below is what it looked like before we started.

Thanks very much everyone for your hard work and volunteering your time and thanks to Sarah for the great coffee which was much appreciated by the Lending a Hand team (otherwise known as the HWJ Enviro Team).