Council closes Stoneyhurst Road Bridge and Castle Farm Bridge

Newcastle City Council has announced plans to close several bridges to vehicles.

This includes Stoneyhurst Road Bridge and Castle Farm Bridge in the Dene and South Gosforth ward of the city.

Experimental traffic regulation orders

Newcastle City Council is using experimental traffic regulation orders to close the bridges to vehicles and this will be operational from 13 August 2020.

The bridges will remain open to people on foot and on bikes.

Under an experimental traffic regulation order, the first six months of the closure is for public consultation.

Newcastle City Council has stated that during this six month period people can leave feedback and comments on the closure and these will be considered before a final decision is made.

Information on Council website

You can visit the Newcastle City Council website to find out more.  Details are at

Objections to permanent closure

If you wish to object to a permanement closure you can send your objection by 15 February 2021 to:

Newcastle Parking Services
PO Box 2BL
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE99 2BL

or email to

Newcastle City Council news release

The following news release was issued by Newcastle City Council:

Many of the bridges selected are used by inappropriate levels of traffic for small structures, using the bridges to cut through residential streets. By restricting traffic, the council will also meet the rising demand for better walking and cycling in local neighbourhoods.

The bridges include: 
•    Salters Bridge, Parklands
•    Dene Bridge, Castle Farm Road, Dene and South Gosforth 
•    Haldane Bridge, South Jesmond 
•    Argyle Street Bridge, Ouseburn 
•    Stoneyhurst Bridge, Dene and South Gosforth 

A Newcastle City Council spokesperson said: “Road transport is responsible for a third of our city’s carbon emissions and is the main reason for poor air quality. By restricting traffic in these areas we believe it will help create safer, cleaner and greener neighbourhoods and encourage more walking and cycling which has huge environmental and health benefits for everyone. 

“We’re listening to the public which is why we have a six-month public consultation where people can tell us their views. This will inform whether or not we make the closures permanent. We encourage everyone to engage with us constructively both on these changes, and others we will be bringing forward across the city.”

Initially concrete blocks will be in place on 13 August, but over the coming days and weeks these will be replaced with other materials.

Using Experimental Traffic Regulation Orders, the council has the legal powers to close the bridges to vehicles from 13 August. Statutory consultation has taken place with authorities such as emergency services and the legal orders have been put in place. 

Public consultation period will take place for the first six months when the closures are in place. During this time, residents can leave feedback and comments on the closure, and these will be considered before a final decision is made on whether to make the changes permanent. 

To take part in the consultation  please go to 

The above news story was issued by Newcastle City Council and is available to read on the Newcastle City Council website. It has been included here for information and does not necessarily represent the views of High West Jesmond Residents’ Association.