Council proposal for communal bins

Plan for replacement of wheelie bins with communal bins

Newcastle City Council has announced its intention to replace the current individual “wheelie -bins” with communal bins to the back lanes of High West Jesmond. These would provide one bin per every four houses.

City Council proposal

Further detail is available at the council’s website

It’s likely that the change would be implemented in Summer 2017 though this depends on the final council budget being approved.

Local opposition to communal bin proposals

There is already some local opposition to the proposals. Our local councillors in East Gosforth ward are against the proposal and have launched a petition at

High West Jesmond Residents’ Association would be keen to get the views of local residents so that we can take a view of local opinion and, if necessary, make appropriate representations to the council and our local MP.

If you have any comments about the introduction of communal waste bins then please send feedback to us via the normal channels or via the Contact Us page.