New SPACE for Jesmond group

SPACE for Gosforth is extending into the Jesmond area under the name SPACE for Jesmond.

As High West Jesmond sits between Gosforth and Jesmond then residents may be interested in knowing about or joining this group.

SPACE stands for “safe pedestrian and cycling environment”.

The Jesmond group will provide a forum for residents interested in making Jesmond better for walking, cycling and street play, as well as monitoring air quality in the area.

The group aims to carry on work done as part of the Streets For People consultation and promote the benefits of investing in people friendly spaces in Jesmond.

The work will likely include:

  • Liaising with Newcastle City Council and Ward Councillors
  • Flagging up safety issues for people on foot or bike
  • Addressing rat running and speeding in Jesmond
  • Engaging with consultations and council forums
  • Working towards a better Jesmond for children
  • Promoting active and sustainable travel in the area, including school travel
    Managing on-line accounts on Twitter and Facebook
  • Publishing material on

If you’d like to receive information from the group, or are interested in taking a more active role, then you can get in touch with SPACE for Jesmond via one of the following methods:

twitter: @SPACEforJesmond
facebook: PENDING