Recycling tips from the Council Waste Services Department


Message from the Council Waste Services Department

The following announcement has been made by Newcastle City Council’s Waste Services Department:

In order to improve recycling levels, it is important to separate glass from other recyclable materials, and also to ensure that recycled waste is dry.

Ensure you have a caddy and working lid on your recycling bin

With this in mind, please ensure that your bin has a caddy and a working lid.

Replacement caddies and bin repairs are free and can be arranged by contacting Envirocall online at or by telephone at 0191 278 7878

Residents are encouraged to put house numbers on their bins and caddies to aid identification

Don’t leave bins in back lanes

Residents are encouraged to bring bins in as soon as possible after collection to improve access in rear lanes and keep the area tidy

The bin collection calendar is distributed twice a year and is available to view at

You can read more about recycling, rubbish and waste at

The above news story was issued by Newcastle City Council. It has been included here for information and does not necessarily represent the views of High West Jesmond Residents’ Association.