Say no to motorway and no to cutting us off from Jesmond

Make your voice heard about proposed plans for Blue House Roundabout and Jesmond Dene Road before 21 August

The Council are about to make 2 decisions that affect our area in a BIG way!

Say NO to the motorway on Little Moor and Dukes Moor

The Council’s plans for moving the Blue House Roundabout 50 metres north and making it about ten times the size of the current roundabout have been met with almost unanimous disbelief and anger.

Motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, environmentalists, local residents and businesses – pretty much everybody – have expressed serious concerns over the plans to tear up nearly 5 acres of beautiful Town Moor land, cut down 100 mature trees and construct a “motorway-style” roundabout in the middle of Little Moor and Dukes Moor. And for what purpose? The Council has not produced any traffic information to justify a proposal of this scale.

As well as being part of the Town Moor, the Little Moor has been a designated “public open space” serving Jesmond and Gosforth residents for more than 80 years.  lt rentains a popular and well used space in an area where access to such spaces is very limited.  The road proposal will reduce the space by more than a third and the attractiveness of the space for recreational purposes will be severely curtailed.

Petitions, news reports and all manner of social media activity are all united in their condemnation of this proposal.

Say NO to cutting us off from Jesmond

The Council also plans to make changes to our local streets including:

  • No entry on to Moorfield (East) from llford Road;
  • No right turn from Moorfield (East) on to Jesmond Dene Road; and
  • No right turn into Osborne Road from Jesmond Dene Road.

Many residents need to access Jesmond for doctors, dentists, shops, banking, leisure – not everybody can do this by walking or cycling.

lf these proposals go through then the only way to drive into Jesmond would be to go down to Forsyth Road (already identified by locals as a traffic black spot), or further on down to Clayton Road and all the associated school traffic. 

The only other route available would be to drive all the way down to the Central Motorway and come up Osborne Road from the South!

The number 33 bus would also have to be re-routed under these plans.

What to do?

ln order to have a direct impact on the Council’s thinking and to make sure your views get heard, it is essential that you make your feelings clear to the main decision makers.

Here are the three places that we suggest you respond to by 21 August:

Newcastle City Council

Respond constructively to the council at the above web address to tell them your thoughts on the proposals – both for the Blue House Roundabout and Jesmond Dene Road.

There are already a number of good posts on the website stating sensible objections – you will probably have your own points to add.

The Freemen of Newcastle

Contact the Freemen at the above website and let them know your feelings about the suggested destruction of 5 acres of Little Moor and Dukes Moor as well as the ripping up of over 100 mature trees.

The following are quotes from the Freemen’s website that you may want to reference in your response:

protect open space

“ln many respects the prime value of the Freemen’s rights is that they protect the open space, a wonderlul asset for the City ond its residents. This has been their main consideration over the last 250 years”

Freemen will remain vigilant

“The Newcastle upon Tyne Town Moor Act 1988 protects the rights of the Freemen …….. the Freernen are now in a stronger position to protect the open space from development. Various schemes ore still proposed from time to time and the Freemen will remain vigilant in protecting the Moors”.

protect moors…..paramount

“The commitment of the Freemen to protect the Moors, not just for future generations of Freemen, but for the City and citizens of Newcastle is paramount”.

Our Local MP for Newcastle North Catherine McKinnell

Let Catherine know your feelings about the proposals – the impact it will have on the local environment, the real difficulties it will cause for residents in her constituency and the fact that the plans sit uncomfortably with the grant given to Newcastle City Council for Newcastle to be a carbon neutral city.

HWJRA will be taking action to represent residents

High West Jesmond Residents’ Association will be writing as an organisation to the above but the count of individual opinion is important and as your local residents’ committee we urge you all to make your voice heard – whatever your feelings about the proposals – by responding to the council, the Freeman and our local MP at the addresses outlined above.

You can download and print our Make your voice heard leaflet here.

Letters in the post

If you don’t have access to the internet or you prefer sending a traditional letter then please write to:

Graham Grant
Head of Transport Investment
Newcastle City Council
9th Floor
Civic Centre
Newcastle upon Tyne

Sir Len Fenwick
Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne
Moorbank Lodge
Claremont Road
Newcastle upon Tyne

Catherine McKinnell MP
House of Commons

All responses must be sent by 21 August 1996 so please don’t delay.

Town Hall Meeting called by local MP

MP calls meeting so that residents can hear more about Blue House Roundabout and Jesmond Dene Road plans

A “Town Hall” meeting has been caleld by Chi Onwurah, MP for Newcastle Central on 24 August 2016 18:00 at Trinity Church, Gosforth High Street, Newcastle so that local residents can find out more about the proposals put forward by Newcastle City Council for the major building work at Blue House Roundabout and Jesmond Dene Road that threaten the green open space of teh Town Moor.

Tickets are available in advance through a dedicated website.

We urge you to book your tickets and find out more at the meeting.

March for the Moor – say NO to motorway on the Moor

Local community objects strongly to road building plans that threaten green open space

High West Jesmond Residents’ Association strongly objects to the plans in consultation put forward by Newcastle City Council for the Blue House Roundabout and Jesmond Dene Road junctions.

In conjunction with other affected residents groups and other local organisations we invite you to let your voice be heard by coming along to the March on the Moor on 21 August 2016 with banners/placards or anything else to make your views known.


Blue House roundabout plan ‘over the top’

Petition against plans started

The following article was published on the BBC News Tyne & Wear website.


A Newcastle Cycling Campaign member made a composite of a map and the council plan to show the scale of the proposals – Newcastle City Council/Google

A petition against plans to build a large road junction on land protected by an act of parliament has been signed by hundreds of people.

The Blue House roundabout, on the outskirts of Newcastle, is congested and unsafe, the city council has said.

The authority proposes moving it and expanding it on to the Town Moor.

Sarah Edgar, who started the petition, said the scheme was “environmentally damaging, very expensive and is completely over the top in its scale“.

The 1988 Newcastle Upon Tyne Town Moor Act prevents development on the moor without permission of the city’s Freemen.

They have been approached for comment.

Campaigners are unhappy with plans to build the roundabout on sections of Little Moor (shown here) and Dukes Moor

The Labour-run council said the current roundabout was congested, did not work well for public transport, pedestrians and cyclists and had one of the worse safety records in the city.

The authority said it had a responsibility to ensure the junction becomes safer and does not “constrain growth” in housing and employment.

The plans are at an early consultation stage, it said.

The Blue House roundabout, on the edge of Gosforth in Newcastle, is unsafe and congested and has to be changed the council says – Newcastle City Council

Hundreds of people had commented online and the response had been “overwhelmingly negative”, Mrs Edgar said.

Residents have called it “completely out of proportion” and a “monumental and misguided waste of money”.

Newcastle City Council has been accused of misleading residents by picturing mature trees in plans showing how the roundabout would look – Newcastle City Council

The consultation period – due to end on 21 August – was a “very short window for response” when many were away on holiday, Mrs Edgar said.

“This is an irreversible decision that cuts into our great city’s precious green space.”

Liberal Democrat transport spokesman Greg Stone said the plans were “more radical and have a far bigger ‘footprint’ than many had envisaged”.

“We share local anxiety that this has a disproportionate impact on the Town Moor – a unique jewel in our city’s crown,” he said.

We would welcome clarity as to whether the Freemen support this proposal.”

The above article was published on the BBC News Tyne & Wear website.

Newcastle City Council announces plans to build on Town Moor

Shock plans announced to expand Blue House Roundabout and build on green open space of Town Moor

Residents in High West Jesmond, Gosforth and other parts of Jesmond have received official notification of plans by Newcastle City Council to expand the Blue House Roundabout which will involve building on part of the Town Moor and major work to Jesmond Dene Road and Haddricks Mill junctions.

The letter from Graham Grant, Head of Transport Investment at Newcastle City Council also announced a public engagement period between 25 July – 21 August 2016.

Consultation during school holiday period

The letter refers to a short public engagement period which coincides with the summer school holidays when a number of people may be away.

There are a series of drop-in sessions scheduled at local venues and we urge you to attend these, ask questions and make your voice heard!

You can download the full letter from Graham Grant here.

High West Jesmond Residents’ Association will be seeking the views of affected residents in order that we can represent local concerns. More to follow.