Treeworks on Moorfield/ Little Moor Allotments

Urban Green Newcastle is to carry out works to several trees along Moorfield.

Urban Green Newcastle is the body that manages public parks and allotments in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The work will involve four salix (willow) trees as well as prunus:

  • two Willows will be removed as the lower cavities are showing disease;
  • two Willows will be cut down to a height of around 8 to 10 feet, below the limbs to allow new growth to develop; and
  • the Prunus at the main gate (to the Little Moor Allotments) will only be lifted off the highway and a few limbs inside the allotments removed.

HWJRA engagement with Allotment Officer

High West Jesmond Residents Association (HWJRA) has engaged with the allotments officer and we have been informed that he will be looking at replacement trees later in the year.

Letter from Urban Green Newcastle

Please see below a letter from Mark Todd (the allotments officer at Urban Green Newcastle) advising of the need to remove/cut back some trees on Moorfield with work scheduled for next week:

Read the 3 March 2021 letter from Urban Green Newcastle here.